It was about as fun a discovery (or reminder, as it were) as you'd imagine, seeing the transaction go through on my mobile phone heading home from dinner.

$239 and some-odd-cents later, here we are. I'm the proud owner of 12 months of LinkedIn's "Premium" membership service.

↑ This guy gets it.

It was my own doing, of course. It started out as a 30 day free trial that was to transition into a paid subscription at the end, as trials typically do. I knew this going into it. "I'll cancel before... I'll remember!!!" I told myself. (Why are we so good at self-deception?)

Remember to read the fine print folks. Set reminders for your trials so you can unsubscribe if you so choose. Set. Reminders. People.

For now? Time to take the lemon and make that lemonade...