I have a strange comfort with spoilers (movie, tv, otherwise.) Not just that, but particularly knowing most key parts—if not the end—of a series or movie.

My enjoyment comes, I think, from the idea that it (this knowledge of what happens) doesn't necessarily have to ruin the experience or entertainment value. You're informed to be sure, but only in the sense that someone says "we're going to the art gallery to see this particular picture." You know what you're going to see, but it's the experience that creates the magic. The spectacle.

I see it as the equivalent of reading a book before watching the movie. We (collectively) don't demonize that too much, yet here we have an opportunity to read an episode summary of the finale for Breaking Bad before we've seen the episode and... that's somehow strange?

That said, a Wikipedia plot summary isn't guaranteed to be prose worthy of whatever you're spoiling. The upside is, if you know what you're in for that's not at all a bad thing. Think of it like Cliffsnotes. And you still have the potential to experience the final product later on in life!

We should absolutely respect those who don't want to know the endings to their stories in advance. But always remember to find (and that you can find) enjoyment in how something is done, not just knowing the what. That's where the art is.