The "app" revolution has been helped in no small part (if not driven) by an overwhelming number of people now carrying a mobile supercomputer in their pocket. Further, many of these technologies are finding a level of maturity and giving us some very interesting—sometimes difficult—questions to wrestle with.

Privacy, security, transparency, freedom of speech, and all the ways they collide with modern technology. Human rights. Our identities; personally, nationally and globally. Funny pictures of adorable animals, memes, and how they factor into this. How we treat each other. Ethical design and engineering. All this stuff now intersecting in ways unexpected, many with the potential for incredible—or terrifying—outcomes.

At the end of the day, I wanted to make a platform to share and publish on all the above. Life (personal and professional) and the hyperdigital age. What we've become, and what we’re capable of becoming.

Not Another App is a play on words; that the next important thing in your life isn’t another app. Thought I'd write about it.  👉😎👉