Remember when smartphones became a thing and there was suddenly “an app for that”, kickstarting the mess of services now heavily integrated into our daily mobile lives?

It's maybe a decade later, and humanity finds itself in a strange (but definitely exciting) place. Privacy, security, transparency, freedom of speech, and all the ways they collide with modern technology. Human rights. Our identities; personally, nationally and globally. How we treat each other. Ethical design and engineering. All now intersecting in ways unexpected, many with the potential for incredible—or terrifying—outcomes.

At the end of the day, I wanted to make a platform to share and publish thinking around all of the above. Life, work, and technology. The world we live in and where it's going. What we've become, and what we’re capable of becoming.

Not Another App is a play on words; that maybe the fix isn’t that. Maybe it’s something different. I thought I'd write about it.  👉😎👉